Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari have been coined "the Ab Fab of the new age” with good reason. Effortlessly merging pop culture and wellness, the ladies of That’s So Retrograde seek out their most authentic selves, one mistake — or mindful awakening — at a time, while graciously bringing their listeners along for the ride.

photo credit:  Jon Hoeg

photo credit: Jon Hoeg


Through interviewing gurus of all kinds; from shamans to comedians, Steph and Elizabeth deliver conscious conversations with realness and humor, all while providing tips and expert insight to guide their listeners to their most enlightened path.

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Stephanie Simbari

is a funny creative who names comedian / actress / writer and host as some of her titles. She was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City and spent most of her teen years drinking malt liquor and taking the train to NYC to get body piercings she would later live to regret. She's since mostly cleaned up her act and become a devoted yogini and spiritual seeker. She tours the country as a stand up comedian, and was a series regular on 'Funny Girls' on Oxygen. You can find her on Netflix in the critically acclaimed indie film 'Coldwater' and she co-hosts her very own podcast, the highly rated and what many have called "life changing" wellness show, 'That's So Retrograde'. Find her on Instagram if you want to follow a cute girl who's usually fully clothed. @stephsimbari



Elizabeth Schild Kott

Metro-Detroit native, Elizabeth Kott, began her career in Los Angeles ten years ago, working in celebrity-driven PR and digital brand development. Quickly, she became a founding member of Rachel Zoe’s digital media arm, launching The Zoe Report. Inspired by the merging worlds of fashion and digital, Kott then moved on to shift the scope of online fashion consignment with her own resale concept, Closet Rich, a private service that sold and donated previously worn items from the most coveted celebrity closets.  Much was accomplished during Kott’s Closet Rich era; she helped launch luxury basics line, Cotton Citizen; She designed the greatly admired R*ch as Fuck line sold at LA retail institution, Fred Segal; she created and hosted the philanthropically driven web-series, Closet Rich; produced, co-wrote and directed a number of fashion-minded comedic shorts for youtube with an all female cast and crew; and became the go-to stylist for the top names in digital talent for book covers, editorial, red carpet and television. In 2015 Kott emerged out from behind the scenes when she and her best friend and frequent collaborator, Stephanie Simbari, had the soul’s calling to create a podcast, That’s So Retrograde, based on their curiosities surrounding consciousness and wellbeing. That’s So Retrograde, has since grown to over 2 million downloads, and has received many accolades as a top self help podcast on iTunes. Although her energy has shifted to spreading the message of wellness for all, Kott continues her fashion focus as a lead advisor to the recently launched women’s luxury athletic apparel line, Wone.  You can find her, @elizabethkott for a bit of shameless self promotion coupled with some hard hitting Real Housewives commentary.