Ep. 299 Gimme More Immunity with Dr. Bita Nasseri and Dr. Shawn Nasseri

Elizabeth and Stephanie talk about the Framing Britney Spears documentary on Hulu. In addition, famed Los Angeles-based doctors, Dr. Bita Nasseri and Dr. Shawn Nasseri, give tips on strengthening our immunity in these Covid times and educate us on their mission to democratize respiratory health as founders of Euka Wellness, which is a system of clean and conscious products that they created to help protect and boost our immune systems.


Nicole Caba
Stephanie & elizabeth have great on-air chemistry, and I love hearing from the Guest they have on- especially recommend the episodes with Alisa Vitti! The main content is awesome, but I also appreciate each week's Roses & Thorns- I've Discovered a ton of new products and resources from those segments. Thank you!
Denis Pakhaliuk
"Cool Show"
Deena Fox
"It's Creepy, I love it"