Ep. 302 Wellness Trend Alert: Ketamine Therapy!

Today on the show Steph and Elizabeth welcome founder and executive chairman of Field Trip Health, Ronan Levy for a fun conversation on the use of psychedelics for enhanced breakthroughs in psychotherapy. Field Trip is on a mission to bring the world to life through psychedelics. To learn more visit https://www.fieldtriphealth.com/our-treatments.


Nicole Caba
Stephanie & elizabeth have great on-air chemistry, and I love hearing from the Guest they have on- especially recommend the episodes with Alisa Vitti! The main content is awesome, but I also appreciate each week's Roses & Thorns- I've Discovered a ton of new products and resources from those segments. Thank you!
Denis Pakhaliuk
"Cool Show"
Deena Fox
"It's Creepy, I love it"