Ep. 284 ghost party with concetta bertoldi

ep. 283 ghost party with concetta bertoldi

It’s our annual Halloween Spooktober Spectacular as we welcome medium and best selling author, Concetta Bertoldi to the show. Things get emotional as she connects with Stephanie and Elizabeths’ grandmothers who assure them that everything is AOK. Hear that? EVERYTHING IS AOK folks. The spirits don’t know about the election! Sending everyone some extra deep breaths as we hit the final countdown to Nov 3 + it is also Steph’s birthday so a double whammy right there. Roses are a caffeinated drink list of faves and a celebration of being the beginner w/ digital art classes.


Concetta Bertoldi / @concettabertoldi


I Kissed a Ghost (And I Liked It) by Concetta Bertoldi
Do Dead People Watch You Shower? by Concetta Bertoldi
Makers Mess– digital art classes
MatchaBar Hustle– use code RETROGRADE for 15% off
PIQUE Tea Matcha Crystals– use code RETROGRADE for 5% off
CLEAN Cause– sparkling yerba mate
Taika– adaptogenic lattes
Steph’s Sundae Recipe- strawberry oatly, strawberries, tate’s cookies, cinnamon, and just date syrup.


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Quip– free refill pack with purchase of a toothbrush


Nicole Caba
Stephanie & elizabeth have great on-air chemistry, and I love hearing from the Guest they have on- especially recommend the episodes with Alisa Vitti! The main content is awesome, but I also appreciate each week's Roses & Thorns- I've Discovered a ton of new products and resources from those segments. Thank you!
Denis Pakhaliuk
"Cool Show"
Deena Fox
"It's Creepy, I love it"